Project Description

SLOW Lounge

The most exciting part about travelling anywhere by air is getting there. Let’s face it, if life is a journey, you’d better hope for better pit stops than most airport lounges. Until now, that is. Faced with the need to provide a place for travelers to relax and recoup while travelling, Comair wanted an airport lounge that would provide a “premium lounge” experience to their customers. However, with the plethora of airport lounges that exist around the world, the challenge became how to differentiate the lounge in the clutter and provide a premium yet approachable offering.

Slow Airport lounge is a place where you can take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds and then breathe it out loudly until your body calms. It’s a brief moment of relaxation in a place you’d never expect to find it – the chaos of an airport terminal. At SLOW, for a few moments you get a chance to catch your breath and breathe. In an environment of calm, comfort and, if you so desire, productivity.

I did this campaign with Grid Worldwide Branding and Design.

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