We were required to create a campaign that leverages off Sasol’s sponsorships of and support for disability initiatives. To shift perceptions of people living with disabilities, in the public’s mind as well as their own.

Sasol is a company that finds potential in the natural resources of our earth. It looks past the obvious and finds the capability that is inside. It unleashes potential. The campaign needed to stay true to this core purpose.

In a society that is obsessed with outside appearances and flashy personas, strength is often perceived as a physical attribute. But what is real strength? Your body can only get you so far, it’s your mind that pushes you past what you physically can achieve.

We wanted to redefine how people see strength? Force them to reassess their perceptions and start seeing strength as something that has nothing to do with the physical, it is a driving force that comes from within.

The campaign thought was “Find your inner strength”.

I did this campaign with Grid Worldwide Branding and Design.

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